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So much of our time and energy is spent on our day-to-day routines and endless to-do lists, that it’s sometimes hard to take a moment to give back and help one another. Often though, it’s our smallest gestures that leave the biggest impact. Taking the time to make a positive difference and bestow an act of kindness is what true happiness and peacefulness is about. That’s what Russom taught us.

Fundraising in Honour of Russom Micheal

Russom Micheal
July 19, 1996 - October 23, 2014

A beloved son, and brother, Russom was a fun, loving, and caring person. A High School graduate, he loved playing basketball and hanging out with friends. In his memory his family has establish a scholarship at Edmonton Christian High School. With their help, every year either a grade twelve student, that plays basketball and has exceptional character, will receive $1000 or two grade twelve students will receive $500 each.

“Since my son was young he always had a heart for helping others. To the point that he went and dialled the world vision number after seeing a commercial and asked me to sponsor a child. When he passed we wanted to carry on his legacy by helping out others and showing Christ’s love the way he would have wanted to.”
—- Russom’s Mother

Russom’s family is empowered to continue fundraising in his behalf, and they want to make more of a difference in more people’s lives. You can help them by donating to the causes below.

Donate to Two Schools in Eritrea

The first school is located in a village called Wekidba. This village only has an elementary school so the kids have to walk at least two hours to attend a Junior High and High School in the capital city of Asmara. The money we raise would go towards providing bikes so the kids can get to and from school faster. Since Wekidba is a farming village it also allows them more time for their family farming duties.

The second school is a school for the blind in the capital city Asmara. This is the only school for the blind in Eritrea, and they are in low supply of braille and white canes. The money fundraised would go towards getting them more braille and white canes, which will help them with safety and independence.

100% of all money raised will go towards helping schools in Eritrea, Africa, and fullfilling basketball scholarships for Edmonton Christian High School.

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Thank you for Your Support!

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